LETTER - ‘Let’s keep the election political’

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Reader Letters from the Diss Express, dissexpress.co.uk, @diss_express on Twitter

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I was disappointed to hear Elizabeth Truss, when interviewed on the radio by Martha Kearney, state that it was perfectly legitimate for Michael Fallon, her cabinet colleague in the last government, to make a personal ‘knifed his brother in the back’ attack on Ed Miliband.

When I stood for Labour against Elizabeth Truss in the 2010 General Election she was embroiled in a battle with South West Norfolk Conservatives ( the notorious ‘Turnip Taliban’ controversy). I made it clear to Elizabeth and my own campaign team that I would only campaign on policy issues, and I would not indulge in any personal attacks or exploit her little local difficulty. I stuck to my promise.

This general Election should be fought on policies and alternative visions for the future governance of the UK. There will, rightly, be many heated arguments between candidates and their supporters and opponents. I therefore call on all candidates in this General Election to join me in committing to the avoidance of any personal attacks. I believe that is what the electorate wants.

Peter Smith,

Parliamentary Candidate

Labour, SW Norfolk