Mysterious lights in south Norfolk spotted again

Mysterious lights have once again been spotted in south Norfolk's skies.

A family from The Heywood, near Winfarthing, who asked to be left anonymous, described 13 orange glowing lights rise from the distance before floating over their house and suddenly going out.

The lights were described as being at a height equivalent to a low flying airplane, but slightly bigger and noiseless and were following each other.

The sighting happened at about 10pm last Saturday (MAY 16) and the lights were said to be heading towards Wymondham.

The family said they could have been flares, but also said a sighting had been made matching the description in Garboldisham the same night.

Did you see any lights matching the description above?

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Anonymous, The Heywood: We also saw these lights on Saturday, May 16.

We also live in The Heywood and they where just as was printed.

I have one of them on my mobile phone although not that clear.

I must say it was rather scary at the time and those we told thought we were mad.

It was such a still night and there was no sound at all.