LETTER: ‘Knee-jerk and idiotic ideas’

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Reader Letters from the Diss Express, dissexpress.co.uk, @diss_express on Twitter

The saga of traffic congestion through Victoria Road continues with both knee-jerk and idiotic solutions being put forward by all and sundry.

Whilst I am well aware that at the end of the working day the congestion at the notorious junction onto Victoria Road is very bad, there is little doubt that most of this problem is caused not by local traffic but by the passage of large heavy vehicles that are travelling east to west or in the opposite direction; even one of the pictures appearing to show where the magic camera was to be installed showed an articulated lorry from an out of county transport company blocking the junction exit.

The first and most urgent solution must be to get rid of the through traffic on the 1066 which can only be achieved by routing it onto the A143 from somewhere back towards Thetford.

The number of times the road is blocked by long vehicles indicates that the A1066 and Victoria Road in particular is incapable of handling this type of vehicle.

Expensive, yes, but all the other offers are like sticking plaster for a decapitated head.

I am sure the management of these two companies would welcome moves that ensured their vehicles moved freely and reduced both the time involved and fuel used in travelling relatively short distances.

Leslie Roberts

Frere Corner