LETTER: ‘Arrogance accusal is a cheap shot’

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Reader Letters from the Diss Express, dissexpress.co.uk, @diss_express on Twitter

I feel I must reply to Roger Young’s letter regarding the Chequers Inn, Bressingham (August 29), for I am accused of arrogance, which I consider to be a cheap shot.

The fact is our pub was marketed and sold as just that, a public house. However the Knox-Johnstons shortly after purchasing, moved in, and as they are entitled to do, have applied to change its use to a B&B and they are claiming in order to do this that the pub is not viable therefore no one will buy it as a pub.

To get a professional opinion of the merit of their claims I have spent £500 on a report from T W Gaze’s licensed trade department on its future viability and current market value. On receipt of this report that states it could be a viable business in the future, I submitted a bid at the market value I was given, to disprove the Knox-Johnston’s claims that there was no one willing to buy the pub and run it as a pub. I can assure Mr Youngs I did not spend £500 just to get my name in the newspapers.

However, I would question why Mr Youngs who lives some 14 miles away from Bressingham in Harleston which currently has five pubs, should take the time to write a letter supporting the closure of our only public house in Bressingham. I certainly would not concern myself with the closure of a pub in Harleston. He clearly needs to get a life.

Mervyn Lambert

Fen Street