Thwaite couple who met in a fever celebrate 50 years of marriage

Thwaite, Suffolk. Golden Wedding Couple Mary and David Briggs ANL-140318-170048001

Thwaite, Suffolk. Golden Wedding Couple Mary and David Briggs ANL-140318-170048001

It was a bout of glandular fever which saw this golden couple’s paths cross back in 1962.

David Briggs was at agricultural college in Lincolnshire when he was hospitalised by the virus and nursed by none other than his future wife.

David and Mary Briggs celebrate 50 years of marriage today, and will be on the island of Jersey to celebrate, having spent their honeymoon on the Channel Islands back in 1964.

The couple have spent their married life in north Suffolk. Mr Briggs, 75, from Thwaite, where the couple now live, spent his working life in farming, first at Thorpe Abbotts, then at the Pulham Hugh farming business in Brockford.

Mrs Briggs, 70, was in nursing but put that to one side when she moved to 
Suffolk with her husband, following their white wedding 
at Lincoln, where she was from.

Looking back, Mr Briggs says he feels for his wife when they moved back to Suffolk, so he could carry on his farming career.

“It tore her away from her family,” he said.

“I was rather cruel really, I said: “If you love me, you will come with me”.

“I felt very much for her. I feel more about that now than I did at the time.”

But Mrs Briggs was able to carry on with her love of nursing later on in life, when she got a job at West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds. Both retired from their jobs about ten years ago.

They have two children, Wendy and Jennifer, and have four grandchildren.

They live the house Mr Briggs built in the mid 1970s, from which they can easily see the house he grew up in. The plot of land cost a bargain £90.

They now enjoy tending their garden, and helping to raise money for Thwaite village church.

Mr Briggs said his wife was one of a kind.

“I have got a very amazing wife who is loving and sincere,” he said.

“She is not jealous which I think can destroy a lot of marriages. I am pleased and privileged to have her.”




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