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Diss, Norfolk. Kathy Eaton who's lost 4 and a half stone

Diss, Norfolk. Kathy Eaton who's lost 4 and a half stone

After a rollercoaster ride of emotions during 2013, Diss superslimmer Kathy Eaton goes into 2014 feeling “life is pretty good”.

In the past 12 months, the 45-year-old from Taylor Road found out she had osteoarthritis in one of her hips, enduring the traumatic experience of having a hip replacement while at the same time managing to shed four-and-a-half stone, even though she was unable to exercise.

“People say you have to exercise to lose weight, but I feel I have shown that you can lose it just with a healthy diet,” she said. Ms Eaton joined a gym in October 2012 with her son, Craig, aged 22. With a BMI of over 45 and wearing size 22 clothes, she had decided it was time to take action. “We both thought we needed to get a bit fitter. But I started getting a pain in my groin and I thought I had hurt myself doing the exercises.”

She changed her gym routine and saw various health professionals, but eventually the pain became too intense to exercise at all. “My problem was misdiagnosed because it is not normal at my age to have osteoarthritis in your hips.”

In April last year, still unable to exercise, she joined a Slimming World class in Diss and was surprised to be told by consultant Jane Aldous that she needed to eat more. “I had always thought I ate healthily but I wasn’t eating enough of the good healthy stuff.”

In May, she had an X-ray and was told she needed a hip replacement. While waiting for the operation, she carried on dieting. “I’m now 12 weeks post-op, but even after the operation I was surprised that I still carried on losing weight. I’ve lost four-and-a-half stone and am down to a clothing size of 14/16. But I’ve not finished yet. I want to lose another two stone. I also haven’t exercised for over a year and I want to go back to the gym and tone up,” she said. “Life is pretty good at the moment.”

Ms Eaton praised the help and support she had from the Slimiming World classes and the easy to follow diet plan. “The classes are great because when you struggle everyone supports you and you are all in the same boat together.”

For information on Slimming World classes in Diss, call Jane Aldous on 01379 650671.




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