Diss and District in the First World War: Part 9 - A nation prays for peace

Dennis Cross Memory Lane ANL-140907-171645001

Dennis Cross Memory Lane ANL-140907-171645001

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A large advertisement appeared on the front page, of the first edition of the paper for the New Year on January 4, announcing ‘A Special United Intercession Service’ at the Corn Hall on Monday, January 7, “in connection with the King’s proclamation.”

It was hoped that the nation would join in prayer for peace to come in 1918. There was a further advertisement on page 4 relating to the National Act of Prayer: “Do you want Victory and a successful end to the war? Then go to your place of Worship on Sunday…”

After three years of war and so much loss and suffering everyone hoped that 1918 would bring an end to the conflict abroad and the hardships at home.


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