Crowds flock to Old Buckenham Airshow

Old Buckenham, Norfolk. Old Buckenham AIr Show ANL-140727-221224009

Old Buckenham, Norfolk. Old Buckenham AIr Show ANL-140727-221224009

A new world record was just one of the triumphs of this year’s Old Buckenham Airshow, which also witnessed quite possibly its largest crowd to date.

The sun shone last weekend on Old Buckenham as visitors flocked to watch an array of air displays which included performances by two celebrity aircraft: the Spitfire from films Battle of Britain and A Bridge Too Far; and its co-star, a P51 Mustang named Ferocious Frankie, which has itself appeared in Saving Private Ryan and Memphis Belle, amongst other films.

Airfield manager Matt Wilkins, who runs the airshow, said: “The weekend went splendidly. We’ve had two years when the weather’s been a bit iffy but, with the exception of a fairly decent shower on Sunday morning, we couldn’t have asked for better. The crowds got to see the aircraft at their best.”

Other attractions included a world record attempt by Brendan O’Brien’s Flying Circus, who attempted to land on a roof of a truck. While Saturday’s effort was unsuccessful, Sunday’s was a triumph, and saw the team entering the record books with the shortest ever truck top landing at 600 metres.

In addition, the event saw performances by several other aircraft, including a Beechcraft Staggerwing, a Bulldog, a Yak 52, and the East Anglia-based Wildcats display team.

Mr Wilkins, who took over the airfield three years ago, also said: “Over the past few years the air show has gone from being almost a village fête with a few aircraft on the ground to a big success story. Thanks to a team of great volunteers, the show is going from strength to strength.”

Other features of this year’s air show, the 15th so far, included a 1940s hangar dance on Saturday along with live bands playing throughout the weekend.

Anybody wishing to try their hand at flying for themselves had a chance to take a trial lesson in a Second World War Steerman biplane, and additional pleasure flights were also available.

Built during the Second World War as a base for US bombers, Old Buckenham Airfield hosts various events throughout the year.

Some of those upcoming include a balloon festival, a military show, a Remembrance Day service, and a Christmas Day fly-in.




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