Chitty’s stirs up memories

Sheffield Garner Ltd Ad from May 7 1965

Sheffield Garner Ltd Ad from May 7 1965

Following our Memory Lane piece in the Diss Express on December 13, we have received feedback on the old W.D. Chitty garage in Diss.

Michael Green of Attleborough, now 77, worked at the garage from 1952, until 1971.

He has named as many faces as he can. From the top left in rows are, unknown, M Bartrum, G Baxter, S Baxter, V Bendall, unknown. Row two: L Brookes, unknown, D Chapman, B Cobb, D Coleman, G Crabb. Row three: B Daniels, unknown, D Eliott, T Fields, C Frost, M Frost. Row four: unknown, unknown, R Gipson, R Gorrod, R Grapes, M Green. Row five: R Hill, unknown, unknown, I Hunter, unknown, J Keely. Row six: unknown, surname Kempster, unknown, unknown, unknown, M Lincoln. Row seven: Unknown, J Milton, G Musk, P Nash, W Page, B Pierce. Row eight: Unknwon, unknown, R Riley, R Ringer, J Scales, A Smith. Row nine: Unknown, R Talbot, B Tomlin, R Turtle, F Wilby, T Williamson.

Peter West, of Brome, also added detail to the piece. He said Chitty’s other businesses were manufacturing and selling farm machinery including Ford tractors. The tractor dealership was taken over by Wrights of Dereham and the Chitty-owned factories of Diss Engineers and Diss Foundary found other owners.

Mr West said owner Bill Chitty retired to Southwold, while his son Ron, who managed the garage and engineering business continued to farm at Wortham.




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