Into the 1980s at Bressingham with a blossoming Blooms Nurseries

Staff of Blooms of Bressingham
Staff of Blooms of Bressingham
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Renowned plantsman Adrian Bloom, of The Bressingham Gardens, was just a small boy when our Memory Lane photograph, printed two weeks ago, was taken. It pictured staff and family at the Blooms Nurseries believed to be from the mid-1950s, but Mr Bloom confirmed it as being the summer of 1947, taken around harvest time near the stack yard and lake at Bressingham which is now part of the Steam Museum premises. Mr Bloom said: “In those days, all the plants were grown out in the open ground.” He and his late brother, Robert, were the youngest in the picture and Mr Bloom said: “We weren’t much concerned with business in those days. We had plenty of space on our farm to play and it was in some ways an idyllic childhood.” Mr Bloom hunted out a photograph from his own archives (above) which brings the company up to 1985 when Blooms Nurseries had a staff of around 180 working on the wholesale nursery, the office and the plant centre.

If you have memories of working at Bressingham at this time, then let us know.