COLUMN: Howard’s Health - ‘How to prepare for your big day’

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John Howard ENGANL00120130210165810

The wedding: It’s a moment dreams are made of and every bride, groom and guest wants to look good.

But with so many of us overweight, that means many of us want to slim down for the big day and look great for the photographs, the honeymoon destination – or for our summer holidays this year.

It’s natural for brides, grooms and guests to want to look their best for the wedding day, and going about it the right way can make the difference between living healthier, or heavier, ever after.

Resorting to drastic measures like quick fix dieting or simply not eating enough of the right foods before a wedding may not only be dangerous, but can also set you up for a future of yo-yo dieting rather than permanent weight loss.

Planning a wedding can be a big job and it is just as important to approach losing weight and keeping it off with the same care.

Some medications are less effective at low calorie levels and so working one to one with a diet coach, nutritionist or personal trainer will ensure you eat healthily, have the right vitamins, minerals and trace elements to lose quickly, and safely.

Eating a balanced diet with chicken, turkey, white fish, omelettes, green salads with spring onions, vegetables such as broccoli or good filling food like sweet potatoes, new potatoes or couscous will all help.

And there are some great choices from healthy curry or Chinese food to chicken kebabs that fit in to this plan perfectly.

Low sugar fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and grapes are also superb really low calorie choices.

With the right one to one support and the right approach to support you, you can lose a stone a month, every month, ready for the big day or your summer holiday this year.

And you really can keep it off for years so you look in good shape, not just for the big day, but every day.

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